Sunday, January 1, 2017


Hello, and welcome to my blog!
My Name is Hannah and I am a 20something college student who loves owls, coffee and of course, books!
Growing up, no one my age read books so, I was always "The Reading Girl" who carried her books in her purse and pulled them out while hanging out with her friends. Later on in my teen years, finding age appropriate books was a constant struggle. I started googling "Young Adult books" and stumbled across the book blogging community and booktubers!
My "mission" with this blog, is to provide resources and recommend books to others who have no idea what to read and in the process, share my love of this wonderful world of YA books!
This sounds so cheesy and cliche but, I am very excited for all the plans I have for this blog in the years to come and I hope you will consider joining me!

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